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Mold Testing CT

Mold Testing CT is our Business

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Envirotech of Fairfield County Inc. is a leader in testing and remediation for mold and asbestos in Connecticut.

Mold is a growing health concern. Mold is affecting many property owners today. Some symptoms associated with mold exposures may include allergic reactions. Also asthma, and other respiratory reactions. EnviroTech will collect air and surface samples to establish the presence of mold. If areas in your residence or business test positive. We will determine whether the molds are toxic or non-toxic. Upon request we will provide a plan for professional remediation/cleanup.

Mold Testing CT

We appreciate the opportunity to assess your property for mold and/or bacteria We want to explain some of the attributes and some of the limitations of the procedures as part of our agreement. Molds are microscopic organisms that are found everywhere.  Both indoors and outdoors. Mold spores are tiny, aerodynamic structures. They can travel through the air much like pollen. And can cause allergic symptoms and other more serious health problems.

Visible mold should be cleaned up as soon as possible (within two days). You should clean, disinfect and dry out the moldy area.  Do this to stop the source of moisture upon which molds’ growth depends.

Certain molds produce mycotoxins that are harmful to humans. Also animals and plants.  Where toxic mold is discovered, such as Stachybotrys Chartarum, we recommend you evacuate the premises immediately. Call professionals to help Correct the problem before reentering the building.

Stachbotrys, Chartarum

Visually inspect the above mentioned property, to determine the presence of mold. Envirotech of Fairfield County Inc. will take three mold samples. One from the complaint area. One from another non-complaint area. And one from the outdoors for use as a control sample. Mold samples will be taken to a certified laboratory for analysis.

Air Testing:
Bio-Pump Vacuum.  This vacuum sucks in the air partials and the spores attach themselves to a cassette. The cassette is removed and brought to a lab where the spores are tested.

Mold Testing CT If you discover that you have a mold problem. You will want to correct the problem before reentering the building. We will seal all vents/grills and any openings. The openings that may allow the entrainment of air into the adjacent spaces. We will be using polyethylene sheeting, low E and duct tape.

Next, we will set up full containment. A one stage dry decontamination chamber at the work areas entrance. We will be using Neg-air 2500 H.E.P.A. filtered units to create negative pressure within the confines of the contained work areas. (this will prevent any particulates and/or spores to cross contaminate any other living spaces).

Mold Testing CT

All structural components will be scraped. Then sanded. Next  brushed and H.E.P.A. vacuumed within the confines of the containment. We will be using environmentally safe procedures preventing spore and particle release.

All permanent materials within the confines of the containment will be treated. Treated with anti-microbial treatments from top to bottom.

To keeping the containment in place, we allow the Neg-air 2500 units to run for 24 hours. We do this  to filter and evacuate the indoor air and draw in a fresh supply.

Once that is done, we will shut down the H.E.P.A. 2500 units. And we will run H.E.P.A. filtered air scrubbers for an additional 12-24 hours.

We will operate the containment breakdown using EPA approved methods. This is to prevent any spore or particle release from the polyethylene sheeting.

We appreciate the opportunity to assess your property for mold and/or bacteria. If you have any questions at all, please give us a call at: 1-(203)-748-3111

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